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Select Your Party
Choose the party collection that speaks to you, to create the mood.
Each collection is ready to host a 12 person cocktail party. Easily adjust
the number of guests you anticipate at check out. View Our Collections


Favors and Add-ons
Give guests a little gift to remember your extraordinary soirée.
We offer a unique selection of Party Favors. View Party Favors

Need an extra special serving spoon, pitcher and more? We have
you covered with our variety of add-on pieces. View Add-Ons


Receive Reminders
Stay organized and overlook not a single detail with our inclusive To-Do list.
Receive reminders through email or text. (Example 1)(Example 2)


Shop and Prep
Impress your guests with our appetizer and cocktail recipes. Each party comes with a menu that enriches the theme. View Examples

The handy shopping list is a time saver and simplifies your shopping experience. View Example


Host and Be Fabulous
We help prepare you every step of the way so you can unwind and
enjoy your party. Your guests will be impressed with your perfect party,
and you will get all the praise you so richly deserve. Read About YPP


Transformation Packages
You purchased a Collection, impressed your friends and family and now want to reuse it. We have Transformation Packages to create different themes using your original Collection over and over again. View Examples
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